Application Elemental Breaker is now on Windows Store!

Elemental Breaker is a very dynamic arkanoid game with realistic physics graphics and sound. The game provides 1-Player mode. Vivid graphics and volume effects provide you great pastime. Your goal is to break all blocks using a ball and lightning platforms. Just swipe to build your platform which will control all movements of your ball. You earn points for every stroke of a ball to the block. You can control speed of your ball, earn different bonuses during the game such extra lives, extra speed and different length of your platform. Five different types of offered balls can help or other way prevent you to pass the level. Choose one of four level packs with special skill levels to play your own game with unique futuristic design and capabilities. Try to choose between Water or Fire element, Earth or Wind – or try it all and enjoy the game in its all forms.

Great easiness of touch control brings you a lot of pleasure, bright colours and beautiful visual effects will surprise you.

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