All about Euro 2012 or are you a real soccer fan?

The company released the first DCT application in Ukraine under the new Windows OS8. Also, the application is the first Ukrainian application on Windows Store.
The application is an information and entertainment for the upcoming event - Euro Cup2012.

 It is going to be held in Europe and Poland and to become one of the most exciting sport events of this year. Since recently there are no weak teams on European championships and each team is ready to give a dare to any participant who 10 years ago was considered to be a pretournament favorite. It is very useful to have handy information about upcoming event and the mobile application “Euro 2012” makes it possible. It goes without saying that the best way of presenting information is a game that is why the application is packed with different game situations. At the same time “Euro2012” entertains users and gives to them bags of information about the teams participants of the championship, their best players, amusing historical facts about football tournaments and interesting traditions. 

As usual the most stylish design is offered by the creators of the project and there are a lot of other unique features and options. Rating system of application allows the users being involved into the environment of the tournament and competitive principle makes all the quests, riddles and other games exciting and fascinating. For different kinds of activities the registered user gets number of points. For instance, if the user solves all tasks of the quest he or she will get 15 points and a badge; if the registered users involve other participants in the project, they will be awarded with 10 points for each new member; solving the puzzle costs 10 points. All points are summarized at profile page where the users see their progress in comparison to other participants.

 Pages of the application are designed to allow the user the easiest surfing around.

  • Entrance/registration page allows getting the access to the application
  • Homepage provides the list of the application’s sections
  • Profile  includes user’s personal information,  his or her photo, scores, rating in the team and newswire
  • Rating page is used to present three types of rating: rating of the fans of user’s team, rating of the fans of all teams and rating of teams themselves
  • About Euro 2012 (short history)

Among useful options there is a system of passages from one application to other applications of the same developer. When the user enters “Millionaire” and “Best of the Best” application 10 per cent of energy is removed. After entering “Puzzle” and “Memory Card”10 per cent of energy is removed when you press Start button.   Other transitions are fulfilled rather easily and friendly system of navigation helps the user to get used to “Euro 2012” app in a very short period of time.

The project is created by DCT Company. The marketplace of “Euro 2012” application is