Partner of the year

This year DCT Company has been invited first time to take part in summarizing the events of the year among all the partners of Microsoft Ukraine. Many most famous personalities might be met on this summit: Vyacheslav Chechetkin, Pavel Vilenchik, Alexander Kardakov and other successful IT managers of Ukrainian Companies. The management of Microsoft Company was represented by Dmitry Shimkiv, Andrey Terekhov, Courteney Zucosky and Alexander Sizov.

Everyone was dressed in smart clothes and the air was filled with the mood caused by upcoming New Year. The event took place in the Cosmopolite Restaurant near Bolshevik Shopping Center.

The party was opened by Dmitry Shimkiv, the Director of Microsoft Company who greeted everyone and remembered the most important events of the outgoing year: the resumed partnership conference in Ukraine, the launch of new products, such as WP7, Windows 8, Office 365, etc.

Then Dmitry together with the managers of key directions congratulated the most successful companies on their achievements in different spheres.

That is especially pleasant that our DigitalCloudTechnologies Company won the nomination The Partner of the Year in the sphere of deployment on basis of development tools of Microsoft Company, which surprised everybody very much by great achievements in the market of the development of mobile applications.

Everyone was pleased with Microsoft Company’s choice.

The party was continued to pleasant music of the saxophonist and singing of the jazz vocalist. Music and Pre-New Year mood created favorable atmosphere in the restaurant and they helped to make new IT market friends as well as meet old ones.

DCT Company was awarded with 3kilos crystal statuette with the name of DCT Company and the name of the nomination engraved on it.

Simultaneously to this event Microsoft Company made charitable contribution to Gift of Hope Fund. All the nominees were asked to bring gifts, and the mount of toys and sweets grew on the stage rapidly.

This event will definitely be remembered either by managers or by children who lost their parents guardianship.