• Blu-ray PRO

    Blu-ray PRO - Multimedia, Blu-ray and DVD Player in one app! 
    Blu-ray PRO was granted with the "100% CLEAN" Softpedia award. The software guarantees fully enjoyable use, safety, and quality of features. 
    With Blu-ray PRO, you get stunning playback of Blu-ray and DVD discs; video & audio in MKV, AVI, MP4, MPG, MOV, and more.


  • Blu-ray S

    Blu-ray S - Professional Blu-ray, DVD and Media Player for your Windows devices! Blu-ray S provides the great performance of features that make your playback really comfortable. You can watch videos with subtitles, and even select tracks and chapters from discs. Try it now and enjoy perfect working performance!


  • Blu-ray Video Converter PRO

    Blu-ray Video Converter PRO - Few clicks to get your favorite videos!
    Everything is simple: you insert the disc, adjust output requirements & enjoy the playback in MP4, AVI, MPG, MKV, MOV, and others.
    Time to convert your first Blu-ray disc! Don't wait ;)


  • Blu-ray Video Grabber

    Blu-ray Video Grabber - Amazing disc converter for your Windows PC!
    This powerful application allows you convert any Blu-ray discs without losing original sound and video quality. If you are a true film lover, it's a perfect choice for you. Get 100% perfect audio and image quality! Install Blu-ray Video Grabber!


  • Blu-ray Video Grabber PRO

    Blu-ray Video Grabber PRO - No limits to save your favorite movies in HD! At first, you insert the disc, select the output folder & voila - video on your computer. EASY and FAST!


  • CD Audio Grabber

    CD Audio Grabber is a fast, powerful and easy-to-use piece of software that extracts Digital Audio from any CD discs. The application is designed to copy audio from compact disks and then convert it into MP3 format. You can painlessly transfer your favorite compositions from CDs and save them on your computer without losing the original quality. Utilize one of the fastest CD ripper in the world with proprietary optimizing systems.


  • CD Audio Grabber PRO

    CD Audio Grabber PRO - Amazing tool to GRAB your music collection in MP3! 
    🎵 Convert CD to MP3 without losing original sound.
    🎵 Save time by converting multiple songs in a queue.
    🎵 Start with a simple CD or work with virtual discs.
    From CD to MP3 - Easy! Install Premium CD Ripper Now! 
  • Client for Streaming

    This robust and powerful live stream broadcasting software allows you to record, produce, edit and mix live stream videos. Client for Streaming guarantees flawless video and audio quality as well as lag-free performance and smooth set up in minutes. You are able to start broadcasting to Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Mixer and other services in a couple of clicks.
  • Client for Streaming PRO

    Download and start live streaming quickly and easily! This application gives you the power to stream live anything you want, such: as videos, web-camera, images, audio, titles, and much more to a vast list of services (mentioned below). You can stream only a certain area of your screen or broadcast image from multiple monitors and your webcam simultaneously. Try it now!
  • Client for Telnet PRO

    Secure Windows client for Telnet server protocols connections! Client for Telnet PRO is the most convenient software that rapidly connects to any TCP or IP networks, based on a reliable connection-oriented transport. To start a Telnet session enter server's name and host URL, then get all Server log information. Access web protocols quick & secure! Install Client for Telnet PRO!
  • ClipBoard Fast Copy Paste and Share Pro

    ClipBoard Fast Copy Paste and Share Pro is simple and powerful application to manage your clipboard, keep history and give fast access to it. The main task is to store data copied to the clipboard in a way that permits extended use of it. View all saved information in your clipboard: text, images, HTML, movies, files, etc. Find any copied data easily with the built-in search, you can clear it as well. This is perfect application to help you with daily copy-paste routines and keep your favorite items close.
  • DVD CD Blu-ray Burner

    DVD CD Blu-Ray Burner is a burning program to record and create disk in quick and simple way. Store your music, movies and any other data on discs, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Mini DVD-R, Mini DVD-RW, Blu-ray-R, Blu-ray-RW. Burn your home movies to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray to share with everyone. Just select any file or folder for burning, we will do the rest.
  • DVD CD Blu-ray Burner PRO

    DVD CD Blu-ray Burner PRO - smart design, great number of formats, high speed! DVD CD Blu-ray Burner PRO is a fast and convenient app to burn and store your music, movies and any other data on discs, including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Mini DVD-R, Mini DVD-RW, Blu-ray-R, Blu-ray-RW. Just select any file or folder, we'll get the work done!
  • DVD Video Grabber

    DVD Video Grabber - Leading ripper for your discs!
    Product features:
    - Copy DVD disks into convenient MKV format.
    - Play video files without losing the original quality.
    - Enjoy modern, clear, and easy-to-operate user interface.
    - Keep videos anywhere on your device to watch them later.
    - Work with a simple DVD or with virtual disks without difficulties.
  • DVD Video Grabber PRO

    DVD Video Grabber PRO - Leading ripper for your discs! We offer you a unique interface for comfortable use, fast and powerful features, high-quality converted content, and that's not all! DVD Video Grabber PRO allows you to copy any kind of DVD discs, even from virtual drives, without any difficulties. After you need to select the desired output folder and YEAH - Favorite movies on your PC. Get rid of old discs! Store videos in MKV & Enjoy ;)
  • Easy Sticky Notes

    Whenever you need to recall some important information, Easy Sticky Notes will become handy. Our smart and versatile app will help you keep in mind the events, dates, get the necessary documents and images near at hand. With these smart editable notes, it’s really easy to be sure that you always remember about the important data and events of your life!
  • Easy Sticky Notes Pro

    Easy Sticky Notes Pro is an extremely useful tool for all your needs! Being a smart and versatile app it helps you keep in mind the important events, and dates, get the necessary documents, and even more.
    • Create new notes with key info
    • Set the notifications to remind you about the events
    • Change text, details, and background color
    • Make various lists
    And even more! Try it now and get a wonderful working performance!


  • Editor of MP3 Tags PRO

    Editor of MP3 Tags PRO - One solution, Plenty features! 
    With our universal software, you'll forget about difficulties forever. You get fully-functional music editor with a smart interface, convenience in use, and high-quality process.
    🎵 Editing name, artist, album, genre, year of your tracks.
    🎵 Adding your own notes to the favorite music collection.
    🎵 Changing album's or song's images the way you want.
    🎵 Listening to music via the cool application's Media Player.
    🎵 Sorting tracks by artist, album, year, title, AND EVEN MORE!
    Check out other tools for perfect editing! Look at the features list below ;)
  • EML MAI Reader PRO

    EML MAI Reader PRO - Quick & Useful Email Client!  The software offers you the most productive features for opening EML and MAI file extensions. It accurately displays messages, saves the history of recently viewed, sorts files you open, and more. Just Install EML MAI Reader PRO & View unlimited mailboxes!
  • File Opener Plus

    File Opener Plus - Universal, Simple and Smart!
    Movies, music, books, photos, docs - Everything in one app!
    ✔️ Photo Editing: BMP, PNG, JPEG.
    ✔️ Audio Formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, AC3.
    ✔️ Working with Documents:  PDF.
    ✔️ Video Formats: AVI, MP4.
  • Importer for Media PRO

    Importer for Media PRO - Perfect assistant in uploading files! Using this software, you can easily import videos, audios, or images - just in a click. There support for USB sticks, discs, as well as other removable media. All is simple, smart and fast. Enjoy professional importing on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox! Download Now!
  • Internet Speed Checker

    Internet Speed Checker measures the connection speed and quality of your connected device to the internet.  Modern and easy-to-use design lets you check your Internet Speed in a couple of clicks. Also, a high level of measurement accuracy and history of the results should help you to understand the final speed test results.
  • Internet Speed Checker Pro

    Internet Speed Checker PRO is a smart, convenient and powerful app that allows you to measure your connection quickly. Inside the app you will find lots of useful features:
    -   Enjoy clear, stylish and user-friendly design
    -   Select light or dark mode
    -   Easily run the internet connection speedtest
    -   Get high level of accuracy
    -   View and compare test results in the history
    Find out your ping, uploading and downloading speed, get your bandwidth and Wi-Fi connection scanned! 
  • IP Network Scanner PRO

    IP Network Scanner PRO - Fast & easy IP tracking on Windows! IP Network Scanner PRO offers you advanced options to scan your local and internet IP addresses in the most convenient way. Using this utility, you can get any IP information and all about your network connections. Moreover, there is a built-in IP Calculator to get any network data easily.  Get IP results without difficulties! Try other benefits of IP Network Scanner PRO!
  • ISO Image Creator

    Easy-to-use and real-fast ISO Image file creation tool. Helps you to create directly an ISO CD, DVD, or Blu-ray image files from the CD / DVD / Blu-ray-ROM. All you have to do is select the files and directories that you want to include in the ISO image, arrange them within the initial directory, rename some of them if you want, and go on creating the image. Use this powerful tool to create ISO images in the easiest way!
  • ISO Image Creator PRO

    ISO Image Creator PRO - Powerful solution for making ISO image files from any CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs! You can also convert from external drives, after that, choose the desired location to save received files on your hard drive. ISO Image Creator PRO provides the best experience as well as a beautiful interface for a really comfortable use. It's never been so easy to extract images from discs! Create ISO files without any limits! Enjoy ISO Image Creator PRO!
  • Manager for Clipboard PRO

    Manager for Clipboard PRO  is a multifunctional clipboard management software. It provides an immersively wide range of clipboard-related capabilities, amongst which are: clipboard management, keeping, accessing and editing clipboard history, and store an unlimited amount of copied data. Anything you saved to your clipboard will be available: media files (images, videos etc.), text, HTML links. This is a perfect application to help you with your daily copy-paste routines and keep your favorite items close.
  • Media Cutter for Windows

    Media Cutter Free is a flexible video and audio editing tool. Create an amateur movie, a selection of photos to music, and much more. This editor allows users to easily cut and save the scenes they prefer from media files. Working with the program does not require any special knowledge and additional skills, therefore it is suitable for everyone. 
  • Media Cutter Pro for Windows

    Media Cutter is a flexible video and audio editing tool. Create an amateur movie, a selection of photos to music, and much more, transform your memories beyond recognition. The program is perfectly adapted to the operating system, so the performance and reliability are simply colossal. Editing and processing of audio/video/pictures files have reached a new level.
  • Media Player

    Seamless & Top-Notch Playback with the combination of Pure & Excellent Sound. Extremely easy-to-use and modern design plus welcome screen with onboarding guide. Support of more than 200 Audio and Video formats that allows you to playback any Audio and Video files in seconds. With its lag-free performance and unparalleled reliability, Media Player is considered to be the best-loved and most in-demand software for Audio & Video playback ever! 
  • Office Pack for Document, Spreadsheet and Slide

    Office Pack for Document, Spreadsheet and Slide is the best free office software - perfect altenative Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint).
    It's fully compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Txt), Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and OpenOffice format for Windows.
    Plenty of formats supported, such as:(.docx, .docm, .dotx, .dotm); (.doc and .dot); (.wpd); (.odt, .ott, .oth, .odm, .sxw, .stw, and .sxg) (.xls, .xlw, and .xlt); (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xltm); (.xlsb); (.xml); (.ods, .ots, .sxc and .stc) And much more!
  • Office Pack Editor Lite

    View, open, create and edit various documents easily with Office Pack Editor Lite. The application is a perfect alternative to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). It supports popular formats such as: XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, PPT, PPTX and fully compatible with Google Docs, Google Sheets, View, open, create and edit various documents easily with Office Pack Editor Lite.
  • Online IP Cameras

    Online IP Cameras - Streaming of most amazing places right on your Windows device! With our application, you can enjoy most beautiful streamings from all over the world. There are thousands of real-time webcams, live cams, public IP cameras and much more for you. It’s time to see the world! Install Online IP Cameras Now ;)
  • Online IP Cameras PRO

    Online IP Cameras PRO - Streaming of most amazing places right on your Windows device without any restrictions! With our application, you can enjoy most beautiful streamings from all over the world. There are thousands of real-time webcams, live cams, public IP cameras and much more for you. Don't hesitate to start and try it now! You will not be disappointed!
  • PDF Annotation Reader

    PDF Annotation Reader makes it easy to view and edit PDF documents. The application contains a set of tools to work with PDF really comfortable. PDF Annotation Free allows you to work with the text (highlighting, underlining, (single, wavy), strikethrough), draw in the document, add a variety of geometric shapes and much more.
    After making your changes, document will be saved in PDF format.
  • PDF Annotation Reader PRO

    Start editing PDFs easily with PDF Annotation Reader PRO! The app includes all features to edit any PDF fast, efficient and smooth. You get tools for adding highlights, comments, colorful shapes, text and even more to your PDF documents. Thanks to the user-friendly design you'll be really satisfied with app's work. Edit PDF files the way you want! Install PDF Annotation Reader PRO!
  • Player for DVD's

    Player for DVD's takes your playback experience to the new heights! It's a complete compatible DVD player with full support of other formats like HEVC, VOB, MKV, MPG, AVI, MOV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, etc.  This app offers convenient controls, support for subtitles, playlists management, history of recent files, shuffle mode, use in the background, double volume boost, and even ULTRA HD playback. Of course, YOU GET MORE! Player for DVD's - Choice of thousands happy users! It's your turn NOW!
  • Player for DVD's Lite

    Player for DVD's Lite - Original quality of decent playback! You get high-quality DVD playback, perfect sound, support for more than 150 codecs, like HEVC, VOB, MKV, MPG, AVI, MOV, FLAC, ALAC, OGG, MP3, and others. Moreover, there is a full set of advanced features:You can create and manage playlists, watch with subtitles, enable random playback, watch in the background, and that's not all. Enjoy amazing sound & picture quality! Only with Player for DVD's Lite!
  • Private FTP Server

    Private FTP Server is a manager enabling you to create, host, and manage your personal FTP Servers. FTP Servers are used for transferring files online, the server hosts the files to be shared, but the access is restricted and only users with permission can download or upload files. Our FTP Servers are optimized to work stable and highly secure due to SFTP protocol, which provides military-grade encryption. If you were looking for a low-cost FTP Server, this one is what you need. 
  • Screen Recorder Lite

    Screen Recorder Lite - Your wonderful video & audio capture! 100% Free, Easy and Fast! The software provides you all needed functions to record full screen, games, podcasts, films, active apps and even selected areas without difficulties. It includes a professional suite of tools for recording audio with your own comments, selecting the quality of records, optimizing sound on them, saving in all popular formats. All you need is connect to your webcam, microphone or headphones, Screen Recorder Lite will do the rest! 
  • Screen Recorder Plus

    Screen Recorder Plus - Flexible recording software with user-friendly features! Using this powerful tool, you can record anything on the screen including selected areas, applications, active windows, and more. There is also an audio recording option for adding your own comments, connect to the webcam, microphone or headphones. Screen Recorder Plus lets you optimize the quality of records, apply sound adjustments, save in MP4, MP3, FLAC, WMA, and other popular formats. We keep on adding new features, working on updates to provide you with stable functionality and pleasant experience.
  • Screenshot Powerful Tool

    Screenshot Powerful Tool - simple app which you need to make the best screenshot. Capture screen of your device in one click. App incredibly easy to use. 
    Screenshot Powerful Tool you will be able to make marks and select needed areas with. Uploading, sharing and making backups to keep important screen on Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Share your screenshot with friends, relatives and colleagues. Capture full screen your device in the easiest way. 
  • Screenshot Powerful Tool PRO

    Screenshot Powerful Tool PRO - Fast and Easy tool for taking screenshots! This is the handiest way to screen capture, edit selected areas on the screenshots, and sharing with others. You can use the set of editing tools, draw with pencil, add text, and more. In addition, the app can upload screenshots to your Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive clouds. With our cloud storage, you can access your backups anytime and anywhere. Quick screenshots on Windows with Screenshot Powerful Tool PRO! Install it now ;)
  • Servers for Online Games

    Servers for Online Games is an application that allows you to create a fully customizable, private and dedicated Minecraft Game Server in seconds. Minecraft is a Lego-style adventure sandbox that has massively increased in popularity since it was released. It now has more than 120 million users worldwide. This is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination.
    You can adjust all Game Server’s parameters manually, and invite your fellows and other players all around the world. 
  • Team Remote Desktop

    Remote Desktop Manager is an application that gives you the ability to control various remote computers. Connect to home computers when you are away from home and work with documents, check e-mail and download files from your home computer and edit them. Manage this program easily with an accessible and attractive Windows-inspired interface. Control, administer, monitor and configure computers anywhere, anytime, just as easily, conveniently and quickly as if you were working directly at a remote device.
  • Templates for Word Plus

    Templates for Word Plus - Featured Word Templates for creating high-quality documents! The app offers you professional Word Templates & Four-click process: Select, Download, Edit, Print. Catalog of templates, modern design, organized layout, very convenient and time-saving usage. Enjoy customizable templates! Check out the gallery of Templates for Word Plus!
  • Templates for XLS

    Templates for XLS - Wide range of professionally designed XLS, XLSX templates for every day! Our software offers you a great collection of Excel templates which certainly maximize your productivity.  Every template has a stylish design and is very easy to edit according to wishes. Just choose from the catalog, then download the desired one in a click. Templates for XLS has all you need: calendars, budgets, schedules, business documents, and even more!
  • Torrent Manager

    Torrent Manager allows you to download any content available on the Internet for free, such as Movies, TV-Show, Games, Wallpapers, Software and much more.
    Just add .torrent file with the chosen content in the Torrent Manager and it will be on your device incredibly fast! This Torrent Client is fully optimized for Windows 10 and easy-to-use for any type of user. Don’t delay! DOWNLOAD NOW!
  • Torrent Manager PRO

    Get any content you need! No special skills required! All you have to do is to add the torrent file and download will start. Torrent Manager is a perfect solution to transfer large files such as games, software, HD videos or audio albums and more. The program will let you find the files you want more easily, download them more quickly, and manage them all in one convenient place. Only couple clicks left to get your desired content!
  • Torrent Player Lite

    Torrent Player Lite lets you start amazing, high-quality, lightweight Torrent playback just in a click!The balance of features, speed, simplicity - 100% right choice for all movie lovers! 
    - Mini Mode to view movies while keeping on tasks. 
    - Full set of formats like MKV, FLV, VOB, AVI, etc.
    - History of Recent Torrent files.
    - Convenient Drag & Drop option. 
    - No limits in playback, and even more.
    Enjoy movies anytime & anywhere with Torrent Player Lite! Get now ;)
  • Torrent Player PRO

    Torrent Player PRO - For those who enjoy watching movies in HD! Most Popular Media Formats --> MKV, FLV, VOB, AVI, MP4, MPG, and 150 others. In addition, there are lots of useful features like Mini Mode view, History of recent files, Subtitles support, Playback in a queue, Playlists management, and other benefits of smart Torrent Player. It's never been so cool on Windows 10! Get Torrent Player PRO & Try out!
  • Video & Audio Converter

    Video&Audio Converter FREE— universal program for working with audio-video files. It has a simple and intuitive interface. Video&Audio Converter supports the next media file formats: MKV, MP3, MP4, FLV, WMA, FLAC, OGG and more. With Video&Audio Converter FREE you will feel simplicity and convenience in work, fairly high conversion speed. The program also allows to rate samples, see history of recent data and do mono/stereo adjustment. 
  • Video & Audio Converter PRO

    Video & Audio Converter PRO - Smart converter for most popular formats! Among them: MKV, MP4, FLV, MP3, MPEG, WMA, FLAC, OGG, etc. Just choose the file, output format, and start the conversion. In addition, the app supports lots of advanced settings like sample rate, mono/ stereo adjustments, choosing quality, history of recent files, and much more. Enjoy universal media converter for Windows without any restrictions! Install Video & Audio Converter PRO!
  • VPN Client

    Greatest, Fastest, and Absolutely FREE Virtual Private Network (VPN) application. VPN Client defeats content restrictions and censorship to deliver unlimited access to video, music, social media, and more, from anywhere in the world. You become anonymous in seconds with our VPN application. It hides your IP address and encrypts your network data so everything you do behind the VPN connection is 100% anonymous and untraceable. 
  • VPN Client PRO

    The best of security apps - VPN Client PRO. Unlock and browse YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, etc. Use social networks from anywhere and stay in touch with your friends, relatives and colleagues. Exploit fastest VPN servers. Feel free to surf the internet with best VPN proxy. Protect your privacy by secure VPN Client PRO!
  • Web Page Screenshot PRO

    Whenever you need to capture a web page, it’s really easy with Web Page Screenshot PRO! Take and save a screenshot of any website to a folder on your device in just a few mouse clicks. Install Web Page Screenshot PRO and start capturing your favorite websites right away!
  • Joiner for Music Files PRO

    Combine any amount of audio files. If you have audios that you want to stitch together, then Joiner for Music Files PRO is a perfect solution for you! This application allows you to join multiple audio tracks into one. You can make your own song mix within a few minutes. Merge, combine, speed up and slow down or overdub audio tracks on each other. Explore these and more features with powerful and easy-to-use Joiner for Music Files PRO. Using our pre-configured settings, you can quickly create an ideal audio sequence for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or for your own pleasure.
  • Templates for XLS Lite

    Extremely useful application for business, study, or just for daily and personal use. Templates for XLS Lite provides you with a vast list of different multifunctional templates for Excel. Create professional spreadsheets with Templates for XLS Lite, spreadsheet templates for budgets, inventory, schedules, Gantt charts, timelines, and more. Whether you want to remodel your home or just want to keep on top of your personal or family budget, budget templates for Excel make it easy to stay on track and reach your financial goals.​ 
  • Joiner for Music Files

    Undoubtedly perfect solution for those who want to combine one and more audio files in single audio. And built-in tools help you make the process even easier and more functional. The intuitive interface allows you to employ it to the best of its capacity: merge, combine, speed up and slow down or overdub audio tracks on each other. You can join several mp3 files into one at the same time without any difficulties. Create amazing audio lists in needed sequence for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram quickly and easily.